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All activities only require easily obtainable waste materials, in the main, to allow children first hand experience of scientific phenomena, so important to true understanding of the world around them.

The activities on this website relate to the new 2014 curriculum orders for Science for England, however they are broadly in line with the present Welsh requirements for Science at Key Stage 1 and 2 and are relatively easy to cross reference.

Regarding the downloaded worksheets, I have purposely kept them simple, very much concentrating on getting the children to record their own observed outcomes and to write about them in their own words, encouraging them to be more expansive in their observations, rather than filling in simple tick box situations.

Prior to this practical work the teacher will have prompted the investigation with a simple problem from any everyday situation requiring a planning sheet to determine many aspects of the investigation including:

  • What we are investigating
  • What we will change (independent variable)
  • What we will measure/observe (dependent variable)
  • Prediction
  • Results
  • Considering / evaluating evidence.

I have only incorporated the last two headings above in the simple work / recording sheets.

Another important aspect is that of recording the information in graphical form of some kind. While it is important for children to be competent in using computer packages to do the work, saving time for analysis,I think it is vital for them also to have some experience of manually representing the information using graph paper enabling them to fully understand how to construct a graph choosing the appropriate type of graph,be it block or line graph.In this way important mathematical skillsare practised including choosing the appropriate scale to suit the graph paper supplied.

Computer Technology, I believe,should support such work and not replace valuable basic skill training across the curriculum.

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